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Domidar Dogs Kennel focuses on the production of typical, healthy and especially funcional Staffords. We plan every single litter of puppies long time in advance (often even several years) and we choose stud dogs from around the world. We usually use foreign or imported stud dogs with quality pedigrees. In several cases we also used our offsprings which we transport back to the Czech Republic, even from the USA. The personal knowledge of a particular dog is important, including his ancestors in several generations. We never select only by photo, video or show results. We often go far away to see the stud dogs personally. We follow up their show and work results, evolution over time and evolution of their offsprings. We emphasize the teeth quality, perfect bite, jaws strength, overall balance. A well modeled and distinctive head, proper angulation and a good topline that predicts excellent and spacious movement is very important for us. We put a great emphasis on the typical nature and temperament because it is the greatest virtue of our breed.

After birth, puppies grow up in the living room in close contact with our family and especially with the whole pack. Minimum time of puppies collection is 8 weeks. When leaving for a new home, puppies are already very well socialized. They are used to routine handling, basic healthcare (ear cleaning, claw cutting), and common household and outdoor sounds, including distinctive and unpleasant sounds. We spend the most time with the puppies in games when we stimulate and develop their predatory instinct and generally influence their correct development. Puppies are curious, self-confident and show typical temperament. When leaving us, the puppies are used to walking regularly outside in the garden.

Of course there is a purchase contract, pedigree, international vaccination certificate, high-quality microchip, basic puppy vaccination, repeated deworming, feed and equipment to the beginning. Despite the fact that our puppies have regular veterinary supervision, we always insist on the “exit” veterinary check at the partner veterinary clinic of SBTC CZ, in the presence of a new owner. For our offsprings we provide real breeding service. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. We regularly organize training events and seminars and we also help with training, passing exams and preparing our offspring for shows where we often handle them.

However, the dog shows are not the most important for us. We look for the owners, who will provide our puppy an active and happy life. We look for them carefully! We will definitely want to see you. We want to find out about you and we are ready to answer all the questions you may have as a new owner. We want to show you the environment in which your puppy grows up. We want to show you their mother and other members of our dog pack. Please note that we will be pleased to discuss the purchase of SBT. It's not a breed for everyone. It is up to you if you convince us that you are the ideal owner for our puppy.

Our offspring operate around the world, such as the United States, South America, many European countries, Japan and even Staffordshire, right in the English cradle of our breed. Many of them achieve great show results. Four dogs from our kennel got title TOP STAFF (Breno Domidar Dogs, Glimmer Man Domidar Dogs, Hold Me Back Domidar Dogs a Extra´s Legacy Domidar Dogs), others are successfully used in canistherapy practice, they do sports, work or real hunting.

We are the most successful SBT Kennel in the Czech Republic in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

KARMA AFFECT Domidar Dogs after arriving to the foreign Kennel specializing in sport cynology. Typical representative of the breed meeting all the characteristics of the Standard: Bold, Fearless and of Indomitable Courage.


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