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Don't be satisfied with anything but the best! The second best is never good enough.

Raymond Oppenheimer (SBT -1954)

We have been living with bull breeds for over 25 years. At first, they were representatives of the American Staffordshire Terrier, however, later we finally decided for the Staffordshire Bull Terriers. In 2008, the future IntCh., MultiCh., GrandCh., CWCh. GLOCK Stawka Większa niż Życie became part of our family. This extraordinary dog started our absolutely unbelievable and still unending wave of success not only in the field of dog shows, but also in the field of work and sport. Today, the „Professor“ is enjoying his well-deserved retirement and helps us raise new and new generations of this breed in our kennel.

With our show pack, we have visited dog shows in eleven European countries so far (CZ, SK, PL, A, HU, D, CRO, SLO, F, NL, UK) under several hundred different judges. As handlers, we won the prestigious titles TOP STAFF of the SBTC CZ 8 times, RUNNER UP TOP DOG 2017 (all breeds), TOP TERRIER of the Czech Republic in 2011 & 2017, TOP TERRIER of a foreign member of the KCHTaF SK in 2011, TOP JUNIOR TERRIER in 2017 and countless wins at club and special shows in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have been also handling very successfully in the country of origin of the breed, in the UK, where we have also won several prestigious titles such as STUD BOOK NUMBER.

Our breeding concept focuses on the production of typical, healthy and above all functional individuals. The overall balance, strong bones, excellent muscle corset, well-shaped and distinctive head, ideal angulation of both pairs of legs and the associated straight topline, which predicts excellent, parallel and spacious movement are very important for us. We put a great emphasis on the typical nature and temperament, because it is the greatest virtue of our breed.

Despite the fact that we rank among kennels that do not have dozens of litters of puppies per year, we have achieved many significant successes. The most important achievement so far has been the award for the most successful breeding kennel in the Czech Republic in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This title is awarded annually by SBTC CZ.

Our whole family is dedicated to breeding, preparing and training dogs and we subordinate almost all leisure time to these activities. We regularly organize training consultations, a number of sports and work events and organize handling seminars for both beginners and experienced handlers.

Jana, Roman, Darina & Dominik Zálišovi

Domidar Dogs Kennel, April 2019


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